The History Of Ajillity Pilates – In The Beginning – Part 1

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The creator of Ajillity Pilates is current owner and master practitioner Jillian Went.

This is her story!

Long before Ajillity Pilates was born, I travelled throughout Australia and the world dancing with Dance Encore Productions.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I injured my back and used Body Conditioning, now known as The Pilates Method, to heal and keep me fit enough for the physically gruelling task of dancing professionally. I became hooked on Pilates and attended classes overseas as I travelled. Eventually I decided to combine this new love with my passion for health and fitness by becoming fully accredited with the Pilates Institute of U.K  (Pilates Mat Series,  Allegro, Pilates for Seniors, Pilates for Pregnancy), gaining a Certificate III in Fitness with Australia Fitness Network and the Australian Graduate School of Health and Sport Science (known as AOK). Once I settled back home and my dance career sadly ended I joined the Newcastle Pilates Institute team as a staff member to hone my knowledge and skills.

Charlestown studio2    Charlestown Studio

In 2004 I decided to open my own practice and joined forces with LA Women’s Fitness, providing Pilates classes for a well balanced approach to health and fitness for women. In an effort to support the growing numbers of Pilates enthusiasts, I relocated to a bigger premises and opened a stand alone Pilates studio that still operates today in Charlestown, NSW, still operating under a well known business name.

charlestown mat    charlestown studio

In 2008 I pursued a Certificate IV and Diploma through Polestar Pilates International. During this time I was honoured to begin training new Pilates students as one of a selected number of Polestar Pilates Mentors, and am currently the only Pilates Mentor for Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. It’s rewarding to see enthusiastic students achieve their Pilates qualification and their own passion of Pilates.

“Impacting the world through intelligent movement” – Polestar Pilates.

With being part of a great Pilates family with Polestar, I have continued my education in expanding my qualification and now have further accreditation for Women’s Health and Pilates for dancers and gymnasts.


Stay tuned for part 2 on how Ajillity Pilates is well known today!

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