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BONUS Day 14 – Everything is on sale!

BONUS CHRISTMAS SURPRISE! Because you have all been such dedicated clients this year, we are offering you an extra 14th Day of Christmas Special!

If you missed out on any of our Christmas Specials over the last 2 weeks, now is your last chance to take advantage of ALL the previous 12 Days of Christmas Specials:

1. Purchase a DoTERRA Petal Diffuser ($70) and receive a Lemongrass Oil FREE (Save $17)

2. Purchase a 65cm or 55cm Fitball (save $20)

3. Purchase 10 Studio Pilates Classes ($320) and receive 2 FREE (save $70)

4. Purchase a Spikey Ball for $10 (save $5)

5. Get 10% off all DoTERRA essential oils

6. Purchase 20 Pilates Studio Sessions ($600) and receive 5 FREE (save $175)

7. Purchase a Magic Circle for $40 (save $10)

8. Purchase a Foam Roller for $55 (save $15)

9. Purchase 10 Pilates Circuit classes ($250) and receive 2 FREE (save $52)

10. Purchase a Pilates Ball for $25 (save $10)

11. Purchase 2 Blue Ice Rubs ($90) and receive a Blue Ice Oil for FREE (save $57)

12. Purchase 5 Pilates Studio Sessions ($170) and receive 1 session FREE (save $35)

13. Purchase 3 Pilates Non-Slip Socks for the price of 2


For today ONLY, you can purchase any of the specials above.

Offer ends tonight at 8.30pm.

Contact us on 49474801.

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