Why do we Side Bend?

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Side bending is movement that uses lateral flexion and is purely performed in the sagittal plane. Side bending leaves you feeling lengthened, lighter and taller.

Some side bending exercises you may have seen in the studio include: Mermaid and the Sidebend. These exercises can be performed with different variations on the Mat, Reformer, Trap table and Wunda chair. The options are endless!

Benefits of Side Bending:

  •  Opens, lengthens and strengthens both sides of the waist to create symmetry in the body
  •  Stretches between the ribs and opens the intercostal muscles
  •  Opens the airways and facilitates deep breathing into the ribcage
  •  Increases spinal mobility
  •  Aids in digestion

When Side Bending always remember to use your breathe and never go too far. Think about lengthening out the top of your head to create the biggest arc in space and imagine you are in between two panes of glass and you can’t touch the glass in front of you or behind you! Happy Side Bending!

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