Why do we do Inversions in Pilates?

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Change your perspective! See the world from a different angle.

Inversions are a common movement pathway used in Mat, Reformer and Studio Pilates. Often some of the hardest exercises to execute, inversions rely on a great amount of balance, control, abdominal support, belief and trust!

The body and particularly the spine is placed under lots of load from gravity and battling with daily life activities of sitting and standing. Inversions provide the opportunity to change where gravity is being dispersed on the spine. Ultimately this reduces spinal compression by creating more space between the vertebrae thus temporarily lengthening the spine.

Benefits of inversions:

  • Great for circulation and increase blood flow
  • Challenges your coordination and balance
  • Improves upper body strength
  • Lengthens your spine
  • Leaves you feeling revitalised and joyful!

Once you get used to the slight feeling of disorientation, inversion exercises become very fun and a great addition to your Pilates repertoire.

Please note that inversions aren’t for everybody, and rely on a great deal of technique and maintenance of form to prevent injury.  Clients who experience high blood pressure, spinal instability and glaucoma are not recommended to perform inversions, pregnant women or clients who have a history of stroke should also avoid inverted exercises. There are many other exercises in the Pilates repertoire that will provide similar benefits to both your mind and body.

Let’s get upside in Pilates and change our perspective!

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  • Rachel

    Great article. What mat exercises do you consider inversion?

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