The Reformer

A favourite machine in our studio, the Reformer both supports and challenges clients in movement. This machine will make you fall in love with Pilates and give you a fun workout every time!

A Reformer workout has the ability to be advanced or modified depending on the clients needs and abilities. By changing the spring tension, the resistance is adapted to either challenge or support movement. The heavier springs don’t necessarily mean the movement is harder, often the lighter the spring the more abdominal control is required to stabilise the movement. Heavier springs are added to increase strength in larger muscles groups.

Feet in Straps:

  • Lighter springs challenges hip disassociation, (movement of the thigh bone without movement occurring in the pelvis) and pelvic stability. The legs will have a tendency to get lost in space and lose alignment thus the challenge is to control and stabilise the movement.
  • Heavier spring tension challenges hamstring, inner thigh and abdominal strength. Increasing the tension will increase the likelihood of the back overworking and the abdominals being under active.

Why do we use Reformers in our studio?

  • Promotes dynamic stretching
  • Provides great postural feedback to increase body awareness
  • Whole body workout
  • Uses resistance to increase strength, control and joint stability
  • Challenges coordination and balance
  • Everybody can use it!

The Reformer is a great apparatus perfect for rebuilding the body safely after injury. The movement options are both creative and endless!