Reflection on March Matness

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Thank you to all our clients for getting on board and being a part of the March Matness with us!

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What a great way to celebrate all things Mat! We had the opportunity to refresh our understanding of the exercises and revisit exercises we sometimes don’t do all the time our classes. Here at Ajillity Pilates we use Mat repertoire daily in our sessions to warm up the body and prepare us for the equipment. Our engagement with this social media movement has made us appreciated Mr Pilates even more, and leaves us feeling motivated and inspired to keep practicing our Mat work. 

Joseph Pilates, truly designed a beautiful repertoire when he created Mat work. His original 31 exercises greatly challenges strength, balance, control and coordination, solely relying on body weight. As Joseph said and with March Matness now coming to an end, we have been reminded to:

‘Be in control of your body at not at it’s mercy!’ – Joseph Pilates

No equipment means no assistance! Mat Pilates is notorious for having some of the most challenging exercises in the Pilates repertoire. There is no where to hide when there is just you, gravity and the Mat and gosh haven’t we discovered this. With that being said, you can’t move onto the equipment until you have a foundational understanding and embodied the work on the Mat.

After all, one of the best things about Mat Pilates is… all you need is a mat! You can do a workout at home, continue your injury rehab, develop your core control and challenge your whole body strength. So thank you Joseph Pilates! March Matness might be over for 2018 but we will continue to immerse ourselves, learn and practice the Mat repertoire. So until next year….

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