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If you said to a group of men, Hey!,how about a form of exercise that gets you stronger, quicker then any weights at the gym, improves your performance in any sport and in bed, prevents back pain if you haven’t got it and cures it if you have….do you think you have a captive audience?

If you think Pilates is girly, just stretching of types of yoga, then you are in for a surprise…
A studio workout involves spring loaded weights, gadgets, concentration and sweat. You can finish feeling like you’ve done a marathon but walkout with longer more flexible muscles and no stress from over working one particular muscle group. The fact is, men need Pilates just as much, if not more then women.unfortunately, boys from any early age go heading into sport with no education and development of core strength and a little attention to stretching. Later we go to the gym, work on all the superficial muscles, that look good but ignore the deeper muscles that support the spine. We then wonder why, in adulthood, the injuries become too frequent and are then accompanied by back pain and instability.

Luckily there are plenty Pilates studios who are making Pilates accessible for men (classes that appeal to a more masculine mind and body). These guy-friendly options are appropriate for all fitness levels. If you have never before ventured into a Pilates studio, then Ajillity Pilates is the studio for YOU!.

Why not book a class with one of our own popular Male Pilates Instructors…Travers Hunt

Pilates is just not for women!!


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