Pilates for Dancers

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Complimentary training for dancers is an essential component of their training program to increase career longevity and prevent injury. Regular complimentary Pilates training has the ability to build strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and to challenge control and body awareness in a different environment.

As we know, dancers are expected to have extreme levels of flexibility combined with just as much strength. An exceptional dancer matches their muscular strength and endurance with their level of flexibility. Of course there is so much more, e.g artistry, performance quality, skill and technique… to mention just a few.

Pilates will allow you to work on muscular imbalances and improve core strength, thus allowing you to perform at your peak and focus on movement quality, giving you confidence in your body’s ability.

A dancer’s worst nightmare is injury. Often this is due to lack of strength/control and overuse. Unfortunately for many this can be the beginning of the end of their career. Injury prevention and rehabilitation is essential for career longevity and self confidence. The need to maintain fitness and strength during injury is often the biggest challenge.

Working in a Pilates environment that targets specific body parts and safely challenges the body in movement will be essential to a dancer both prior, during and following the event of an injury.

That is not to say, only attend Pilates when you are injured. We know that prevention is key to reducing the prevalence of injury. So dancers get into the studio and start a committed Pilates routine to enhance your performance and protect and prevent your body from injury.

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