Men in Pilates

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At Ajillity Pilates we have a higher percentage of male clients then most studios, this is something we love and are very proud of!

The funny thing is though, many people are surprised that men do Pilates…(of course we aren’t!!) After all, Pilates was invented by a MALE – Joseph Pilates. His method is beneficial and essential for everyone.

We are lucky enough to Travers Hunt as an instructor at our studio. Travers has been teaching Pilates for 6 years and is the perfect example of how this method can challenge your strength, rehabilitate injury, improve body awareness and give you a whole body workout! We love having a male instructor and what a great example he sets.

Whether your a veteran with the Pilates method or your’e interested in coming along to a session and seeing what Pilates is all about, we would love to have some more men in our studio.

We can guarantee we will change your perspective of Pilates and get you feeling stronger, more flexible and centred to enhance your everyday life!

As a studio we pride ourselves on creating personal pilates programs that facilitate our clients needs and goals to rehabilitate previous injuries and challenge their fitness levels. We are continually inspired by the growth of our clients and love having new faces in the studio!

Come on guys give Pilates a go!

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