Introducing the Chair!

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A fabulous and compact piece of Pilates equipment that is invaluable in our studio. The Chair! Also known as the Wundu chair or the Exo chair, we have both.

This piece of Pilates equipment can be used to isolate and target specific muscle groups as well as engage and challenge the whole body, you can even get a cardio workout on the chair.

Resistance can easily be adapted to suit the client or the focus of the exercise to both support and challenge the movement.

Some common exercise you might see in our studio include:

The Mermaid – provides beautiful opening and length in the waist to enhance lateral flexion

The Leg Pump – activates the deep core muscles especially the pelvic floor, to improve postural awareness

Prone Shoulder Rotation – mobilises the shoulder blades and promotes movement in thoracic spine

Why do we use the chair?

  • Creates beautiful flowing movement
  • Promotes control and balance
  • Can both assist and challenge movement
  • Targeting specific muscles
  • Improves strength

Try out the Chair in your next workout, it might not be the biggest piece of equipment but it sure is versatile!

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