Ajillity Pilates Referral Rewards Program

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Ajillity Pilates believes in rewarding our valued clients who take the time to recommend our services to their friends, family and work colleagues. As a token of our appreciation, Ajillity Pilates has launched our “Referral Rewards Program.”

We have a fantastic referral reward program that will be very appealing to you. Since Ajillity Pilates relies so heavily on the positive comments of our happy clients, we want to make it worth your while to share your experience with others by telling them about our services. You will receive a $10 referral reward voucher for every new client you refer to us.

Here’s how the referral reward program works:

Each time a valued client sends us a referral, we will send them a “Referral Reward Voucher”, good for $10. You can use them towards your next session purchase, or you could even give them to a friend or family member as a gift. There will be no limit to the amount of vouchers you can collect. The more referrals are sent to us, the more money you’ll save on your next Pilates sessions.

Every new client who is referred, will receive a half priced Pilates initial assessment (valued @ $60).
Once your friends or family member attends their assessment for their first visit, we will send you your “Referral Reward Voucher”.

Its that easy!

Start today and enjoy your rewards. Our way to say thank you for your support.

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